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What is Plenar?
We offer a strong team of highly qualified professionals in software and hardware domain specializing in offshore services.

What we do?
We here at Plenar help you achieve your goals by becoming your outsourcing partner.

Why us?
We are up to date with the latest in our service offerings. Our innovative thinking and skilled team of professionals promise to give you unbeatable results.


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  • eHealth via TV

    The eHealth platform will be successful only if Patients can use any User Interface of choice and get involved with the process of monito...

  • iPhone Home Controller

    Connected Home

    Mobile based controller can be used for controlling almost digital devices in a home or office. Please view complete...

  • Vivify Health

    An Android based e-Health platform for the patient to monitor health, fill out surveys, do video conferencing with Caregivers. It also co...

  • Bulk e-mail and SMS campaigns...


    We have created a web application which provides capability to send bulk e-mails. We take care of bounces, unsubscribes, maintaining rela...